1v1 Battles

1v1 Battles


Welcome to 1v1 BATTLES, our newest component of the Championship 7v7 Circuit! 1v1 BATTLES is a dynamic and high-energy one-on-one football competition that pits offensive players against their defensive counterparts. Created to add an extra dimension to the Championship 7v7 Circuit, our 1v1 BATTLES offer athletes ages 14-18 a unique opportunity to showcase their exceptional skills on a national stage.

Throughout the day on Saturday, 26 outstanding offensive players, 26 skilled defensive players and 2 talented quarterbacks will be selected to engage in the intense 1v1 BATTLES competition later in the day.

The 1v1 BATTLES not only allows athletes to shine individually but also presents a chance for them to proudly represent their teams. The stakes are high, with the winners earning cash donations, prestigious awards, and the coveted opportunity to advance to the 1v1 BATTLES Championship in June. Additionally, the represented team secures a cash donation, and the participating quarterbacks are rewarded.

The top 8 participants, comprising 4 offensive and 4 defensive standouts, will advance to the highly anticipated 1v1 BATTLES Championship in June. Join us as we keep pushing the boundaries and expanding our platform that ultimately provides exposure to our athletes.

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