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ZORTS Zorts Is The Official Event Operating Platform For Championship7v7. Leading the industry and being the 1st sports management platform to integrate Certified Player Eligibility Cards. Also in 2024 Zorts launched a National Rankings system for 7v7 and Flag. is a FREE, ALL SPORTS Tournament, League, Team, and school sports management solution created to promote, encourage, support, and coordinate organized sports. From Registrations, accepting payments (optional), Rostering, Eligibility, Scheduling, and creating Playoff Brackets, the Zorts App does it all.

GameBreaker Is The Official Headgear Of Championship7v7
Since 2010 GameBreaker has set the standard for player safety with their soft shell helmets that are powered by cutting-edgeD30 technology. All GameBreaker helmets have been tested at the Virginia Tech Lab and received a 4 or 5 star safety rating.
To Order & Design Your Helmet Or Uniforms Click The Logo

LoudMouth Is The Official Mouthguard Of Championship7v7 LoudMouth quickly made a name for itself in the sports industry with its mouthguards being used by top-rated college and professional athletes. Since 2014 LoudMouth has been cranking out LOUD designs that appeal to athletes of all ages while providing maximum protection. Use The Following Discount Code When Ordering Online:—-

GripBoost Is The Official Football Glove Of Championship7v7
Through its years of development and collaboration between engineers and players GripBoost Gloves and Gel came to fruition. GripBoost has burst on the scene as one of the most popular football gloves on the market.
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LZRD Sleeve Is The Official Football Sleeve Of Championship7v7
The LZRD Sleeve is engineered specifically to grip the football and protect the athlete’s arm by preventing abrasions and limiting turf burn. The LZRD Sleeve is the only sleeve approved for play by the NCAA and NFHS.
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SoHoodie Is An Official Partner Of Championship7v7
The world’s First patented stand-alone hood for athletes. Choose from fly hip designs, collegiate branded, or create a custom design for your team!

Los Reyes Are The Official Sunglasses Tf Championship7v7 The hottest new sunglasses on the market! A complete line of stylish and affordable sunglasses
Official Sponsor Of Championship7v7 Yolked is powered by the novel ingredient Fortetropin, which is clinically shown to naturally reduce myostatin levels, accelerate muscle protein synthesis and build 3x more muscle in test subjects. There is nothing like it in the sports nutrition industry.
Zybek Is A Proud Partner of Championship7v7 & TruXposur Sports. TruXposur Is An official Zybek Testing Center Zybek is the gold standard in providing talent identification and performance analysis equipment. This is the equipment used in the NFL Scouting Combine.

The List Is An Official Partner Of Championship7v7
Publishes a state ranking for teams that compete in D1 Certified tournaments in Texas.
Established in 2020 with the goal of building a community of players, coaches, and teams to support the Texas 7v7 scene.
All Championship7v7 events are certified!

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